I'm ready to get building! So how does all this work?

Getting started is easy. You can do a long term, monthly or daily flex membership. Your initial membership includes a fixed number of hours, which can be topped off as your needs require. All members have access to all tools and equipment plus community work tables and spaces. You can also rent a private work table with storage (and leave it as messy as you’d like.) 

We also have a very limited number of Unlimited Usage Memberships (typically 1 or 2 of these are active at any given time.) These allow 24/7 access with no hourly limits. 

Members can bring a guest to work with them. Guest rates vary by membership tier.

We limit the number of memberships at the MakerSpace, so you won’t be waiting all day in a line of other builders. Members can access the Members Area of the website, with a scheduling calendar where they can reserve time, as well as make requests for high demand tools (or see when other users might be occupying those tools,) arrange truck rental, or set up a class.

Collab MakerSpace:
651 Clover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(310) 503 2365